Anna University April May June 2014 Exam Time Table For ECE Department

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Branch Name B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
Semes ter Subject Name Subject Code Exam Date Session
01 Engineering Physics- I PH6151 03-JUN-14 FN
01 Engineering Chemistry- I CY6151 05-JUN-14 FN
01 Computer Programming GE6151 07-JUN-14 FN
01 Mathematics-I MA6151 10-JUN-14 FN
01 Engineering Graphics GE6152 12-JUN-14 FN
01 Technical English-I HS6151 14-JUN-14 FN
02 Mathematics-II MA6251 02-JUN-14 FN
02 Circuit Theory EE6201 04-JUN-14 FN
02 Technical English-II HS6251 06-JUN-14 FN
02 Electronic Devices EC6201 09-JUN-14 FN
02 Engineering Chemistry-II CY6251 11-JUN-14 FN
02 Engineering Physics-II PH6251 13-JUN-14 FN

ANNA UNIVERSITY , CHENNAI - 600 025 TIME TABLE-B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch. (R-2008/R-2009)DEGREE EXAMINATIONS-MAY/JUNE - 2014 for candidates admitted in Anna University, Chennai in 2008, 2009 ,
erstwhile Anna University of Technology, Chennai in 2010
Branch Name: B.E-Electronics and Communication Engg.
Semester Subject Name Subject Code Exam Date Session
01 Mathematics - I MA2111 14-JUN-14 FN
01 Engineering Graphics GE2111 16-JUN-14 FN
01 Fundamentals Of Computing And Computer Programming GE2112 17-JUN-14 FN
01 Engineering Chemistry - I CY2111 18-JUN-14 FN
01 Technical English I HS2111 19-JUN-14 FN
01 Engineering Physics - I PH2111 20-JUN-14 FN
02 Mathematics II MA2161 16-JUN-14 AN
02 Engineering Chemistry II CY2161 17-JUN-14 AN
02 Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering GE2152 18-JUN-14 AN
02 Technical English II HS2161 19-JUN-14 AN
02 Electric Circuits And Electron Devices EC2151 20-JUN-14 AN
02 Engineering Physics II PH2161 21-JUN-14 AN
03 Data Structures And Object Oriented Programming In C++ EC2202 05-JUN-14 FN
03 Digital Electronics EC2203 06-JUN-14 FN
03 Signals And Systems EC2204 07-JUN-14 FN
03 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations MA2211 09-JUN-14 FN
03 Electronic Circuits- I EC2205 10-JUN-14 FN
03 Electrical Engineering EC2201 11-JUN-14 FN
04 Electronic Circuits II EC2251 20-MAY-14 AN
04 Communication Theory EC2252 22-MAY-14 AN
04 Electromagnetic Fields EC2253 24-MAY-14 AN
04 Linear Integrated Circuits EC2254 27-MAY-14 AN
04 Control Systems EC2255 29-MAY-14 AN
04 Probability and Random Processes MA2261 31-MAY-14 AN
05 Environmental Science and Engineering GE2021 04-JUN-14 FN
05 Digital Communication EC2301 07-JUN-14 AN
05 Digital Signal Processing EC2302 09-JUN-14 AN
05 Microprocessors And Microcontrollers EC2304 10-JUN-14 AN
05 Transmission Lines And Wave Guides EC2305 11-JUN-14 AN
05 Computer Architecture And Organization EC2303 14-JUN-14 AN
06 VLSI Design EC2354 19-MAY-14 AN
06 Antennas And Wave Propagation EC2353 21-MAY-14 AN
06 Measurements And Instrumentation EC2351 23-MAY-14 AN
06 Numerical Methods MA2264 26-MAY-14 AN
06 Computer Networks EC2352 28-MAY-14 AN
06 Speech Processing IT2064 30-MAY-14 AN
06 Operating Systems EC2022 30-MAY-14 AN
06 Solid State Electronic Devices EC2023 30-MAY-14 AN
06 Medical Electronics EC2021 30-MAY-14 AN
06 Principles Of Management MG2351 02-JUN-14 AN
07 Optical Communication and Networking EC2402 21-MAY-14 FN
07 Cryptography And Network Security EC2035 22-MAY-14 FN
07 RF and Microwave Engineering EC2403 23-MAY-14 FN
07 Television And Video Engineering EC2034 24-MAY-14 FN
07 Power Electronics EC2033 26-MAY-14 FN
07 Digital Image Processing EC2029 26-MAY-14 FN
07 Electromagnetic Interference And Compatibility EC2031 26-MAY-14 FN
07 Avionics EC2041 26-MAY-14 FN
07 Wireless Communication EC2401 27-MAY-14 FN
07 Multimedia Compression and Communication EC2037 28-MAY-14 FN
07 Advanced Microprocessors EC2027 28-MAY-14 FN
07 Internet And Java EC2028 28-MAY-14 FN
07 Parallel and Distributed Processing EC2039 28-MAY-14 FN
07 Total Quality Management GE2022 31-MAY-14 FN
07 High Speed Networks CS2060 03-JUN-14 FN
07 Intellectual Property Rights GE2071 05-JUN-14 AN
07 Professional Ethics in Engineering GE2025 06-JUN-14 AN

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