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In Older days Students can't see their  Anna University Internal Mark and Internal Marks are sent to Anna University By colleges by before the examination starts.

  But Now Anna University asked college should Report on Attendance  and Internal Assessment Mark in Anna University COE portal in  period wise  . For That Anna university announced timetable  also.



For all theory and practical courses the continuous assessment shall be for a maximum of 20 marks (consisting of 15 marks for  Internal Assessment tests/experiments and 5 marks for attendance). The above continuous assessment shall be awarded as per the procedure given below: 

Explanation for 15 marks

1.Theory Courses

Three Internal Assessment tests each carrying 100 marks shall be conducted during the semester by the Department / College concerned.
         The total marks obtained in all tests put together out of 300, shall be proportionately reduced for 15 marks and rounded to the nearest integer (This also implies equal weight age to all the three tests).

2.Practical Courses:

Every practical exercise / experiment shall be evaluated based on the exercise / experiment prescribed as per the syllabus and the records of work done maintained. 

There shall be at least one test during the semester. The criteria for arriving at the internal assessment marks (15 marks) shall be decided based on the recommendation of the class committee and shall be announced at the beginning of every semester by the Principal.

 3.Internal Assessment for Theory Courses with Laboratory Component:

The maximum marks for Internal Assessment shall be 15 in case of theory courses with Laboratory component.

If there is a theory course with Laboratory component, there shall be three tests: the first two tests (each 100 marks) will be from theory portions and the third test (maximum mark 100) will be for laboratory component. The sum of marks of first two tests shall be reduced to 30 marks and the third test mark shall be reduced to 30 marks. The sum of these 60 marks (Vide clause 11) may then be arrived at for 15 and rounded to the nearest integer.

The remaining 5 marks for attendance shall be awarded as given below:


Theory and Practical courses and Project Work

76% to 80% of attendance - 1 mark
 81% to 85% of attendance - 2 marks 
86% to 90% of attendance - 3 marks
91% to 95% of attendance - 4 marks 
96% to 100% of attendance -5 marks

Request For The Staffs

      Every teacher is required to maintain an 'ATTENDANCE AND ASSESSMENT RECORD' which consists of attendance marked in each lecture or practical or project work class, the test marks and the record of class work (topic covered), separately for each course. This should be submitted to the Head of the department periodically (at least three times in a semester) for checking the syllabus coverage and the records of test marks and attendance. The Head of the department will put his signature and date after due verification. At the end of the semester, the record should be verified by the Principal who will keep this document in safe custody (for five years). The University or any inspection team appointed by the University may inspect the records of attendance and assessment of both current and previous semesters.

How Anna University Calculate  Theory Exam Marks?

 Anna University Conducts Theory Exam For 100 marks . Anna university Convert your mark for 100 mark into mark for 80 . 

  Now your Internal Mark for 20 is also added together . That is your total mark you earned in that subject.


For Example ,

If you got 70 marks out of 100 in theory exams and 16 as your internal , Your  Mark for that subject is 

56 (Converted to out of 80)  + 16 = 72 mark/100 mark in that subject.

What is the Pass Mark in Anna University ?

Students should get 50% mark . Mean that you should score 50 marks out of 100 ( Theory + Internals )

if you got 14 as internals then you should score 45/100 in theory exams  while converting that  45 mark for out of 80 marks you got 36/80 .

   so 36 + 14   =50 mark /100 mark

How to View/ Calculate Anna University Internal Marks  For Anna University Exam?
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Step 1 :

GO TO AU Coe portal

 Step 2:

1.Enter your Reg No
2.Date of Birth
3. Ans of Calculation
 asked there

Step 3:
Check your total attendance details under ASSESSMENT DETAILS  you can see your attendance details

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